How To Rank App Store & Play Store

There are over 1 million mobile Apps in the main App store and it has become very hard for the App publishers to rank App in App store and Play Store. If you are among them then it is vital for you to understand the various ways for marketing your App. So, in this post, I would like to share with you some important techniques to rank your App in App store search results.

Ways to rank App in App Store & Play Store:

The App Store Optimization (ASO) is the most important key factor to rank your App higher in the App Store search result. The ASO focuses on driving more traffic to your App in the Play Tore or Play Store. Only if your App ranks, it will become more visible to the potential customers. ASO is the main secret weapon to rank your App on Play Store. So, you should spend time on ASO, and it will definitely improve your App’s ranking.

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Mechanism of ASO:

The mechanism of ASO is broken down into different components, and we will see them in details.

  1. Title
  2. The title is the main key factor to rank your App on top position. You should select such type of keyword with the heaviest search traffic. You should spend time on searching the keyword and select such kind of keyword which is easy to determine.

  3. Keywords
  4. The keyword is another important factor that you should consider to improve your search rankings. It is important for you to know, which keywords are pertinent and often used by potential customers. So, you need to customize them every week.

  5. Reviews & Ratings
  6. Well, the reviews and ratings come in the secondary factors. If the customers give reviews and ratings about your App, it will help your App get posted on the home page of the App store. The App will also get promoted which will increase the rankings of your App.

  7. Launch Window
  8. The new Apps take lesser time to rank & get featured than older Apps. The logic behind this, the users want to try new Apps and they started downloading new games or Apps.

If you want to rank your Apps or games on App Store or Play Store, then you should definitely try out these techniques. It will help your App posted on the home page of Play Store or App Store.

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