How to Run Macro in MS Word?

Macro in MS Word is a series of instructions and commands that you can set together as a single command to complete a task automatically. You can create macro in any MS Office program to perform automatically a lengthy command series you often use.

Once macro is programmed, just clicking the single button of designated keys works the series of task for you. However, to know more about Macro in MS Word go through this post, where I have highlighted how to record, run and write a macro in MS word.

There are also basic steps for writing, recording and running a Macro in MS Word. So, first of all let us look how to records Macro in MS word.

Steps to Record a Macro in MS Word:

MS word Macro allows you to record your lengthy task and perform them in a single command. The following are the step to records a macro in MS Word. But before that, I would like to suggest you that make sure how you want to do the task and what you want to do because your every action will be recorded in Macro.

How to Run Macro in MS Word?

Now, if the recording is done, it’s time to see how the macro is running. The following are the steps to run a Macro in MS word.

Now, you can write a VBA macro in MS word and once you have written then you can run the saved document easily. Just go to Macro and select view macros, there will be a list of macro document appearing then just select and run any of the macro you like.

These are the basic information regarding how to write, run and record macro in MS word. In case if you have any queries about this post then use the bellow comment box to ask your problems.

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