Is ADD Now TIADD - Technology Induced Attention Deficit Disorder

The changes we have had over the years as a society has been tremendous.From the old times to this new age we have experienced a swift development in the way out information are being collected, the way we store the information and how it is presented and also how it is manipulated.

Since we have advanced in technology with the introduction of Internet, smartphones and computers information have become freelyaccessible on demand.People were restricted to specific kind of data before the introduction of modern technology; the data’s were the standard news

information and internal business which did not give room for people to disseminate more information to their friends or families.But ever since we got technology, life has been way easier especially for developing and developed countries.Invention has increased and information was at our disposal because it became

more available and within reasonable price.As the cost of accessing information reduced, new problems began to pop.People began to rely solely on technology; in fact everything began to revolve around technology.The society began to depend on technology to make and manage important decisions.

Before technology took over, the people only depended on technology to enhance productivity which was previously done by people, process and time.

But then, personal hopes have been raised, for every phase of our lives.When these changes occurred, it was then we realized that ADD which is

the attention deficit disorder has crept into or lives in every aspect, i.e. At home and at work.And this introduced Technology TIADD.

TIADD was used a decade ago as part of a procedure for solving efficiency issues in businesses or in the place of work.

In the year 1990, this problem was exhibiting itself recurrently in people’s place of work.

Later on, it began to spread throughout the society in the year 2000This disorder became a ground for incompetency and susceptibility just because

the workers of the organizations had been taught to depend solely on technology to collect data, analyze it, process and also distribute it.Since that was their very foundation of processing data, there was no way these problems would have stopped itself from manifesting.The people who taught them to rely on technology didn’t understand the fact that If you are in this dilemma

they were paving way for incompetency because they themselves didn’t understand the concept of business foundation and personal process.It all relates to an organization or individual prior to technology implementation. Technology began to create room for susceptibility and incompetency among workers; why? Peoplebecame affected psychologically

due to the negative impact of technology. Moreover, the personalalterations to business and personal process being used to circumvent technology based processes were not properly learned, it then affected the overall performance of workers in the organization, the people, groups and entire organization. These in competencies and susceptibility are the basis for TIADD.

Psychological disorder

After some research, a conclusion was drawn that ADD is a psychological disorder based on biological problems within the brain.It is essential to spell out any physiological connection to TIADD. People already have what we call the clinical ADD or ADHD so any disorder triggered by technology would be an exhibition of psychological problems. TIADD is a societal and was causedby the introduction and dependence of technology in our modern day society. I’m not saying that TIADD is a physiological or biological problem; however I do believe that through the introduction of technology it became a psychological problem.

Sociological Problem

This problem is pretty obvious. The society has become so dependent on technology to do anything, whether at home or at work. From communication to analyzing of letters and information. Even the Medical experts use technology to speedily diagnose ailments and also provide solution to the ailment. The banking sector and the legal today definitely cannot do without technology to analyze data, research new trends and cases. Also, people use technology to build relationships based on the new level of communication standard, the issue of long distance relationship has been covered up by technology.

This alterationin the business and life process has taughtthe society to expect results based on technology, within a short period of time. If any alteration should occur in which this technology fails to meet the society’s expectation or company’s expectations. It therefore creates room for in competencies like impatience, distraction, impulsive requirements for information and results, hyper sensitivity to human interaction and a complete lack of social development within many social structures. This will breed a new agitation within society as a whole. All of these symptoms are used to diagnose ADD, this symptoms in the society is the basis for TIADD.

Collection of Data

The collection of these data was done after several researches had been done and it was overseen by a data collection model known as Bizvision. It is a very straight forward research based on several questions used to gain a maximum level of understanding of the process of some people in a business. The data entailsfacts about the use of technology and interaction with other people. All these data was assembled into a simple database for collection and assessment Itwas during this research that the psychological effects and the ability of each worker were reviewed again. After we compiled this data, it was then we disclosed severe anxiety, lack of attention and inability to focus or change, as areas of concern. It is in our findings that we saw how TIADD manifested itself. Our discoveries are simple and clear.

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