How to Design a Brochure Using MS Word?

MS Word is the most commonly used word processing software that is good for official purposes and school projects as well. There are various versions of MS word which you can prefer using on your computer. MS Word comes with latest updated features and design that helps you create beautiful documents. There are numerous options available in the MS Word software which you can use according to your purposes. So, for creating creative MS word design just read this post.

There are many words designing tools such as Fonts, Templates, Watermark, Frame, Page Colour, Margin, Effects, Colours, Header Footer and much more. So, you can easily create your desired word document or project work using any of the Ms-Word design tools.

Best Designing Tools for MS Word:

Header: Using the header option you can make the content look beautiful. The topic or content of the document will appear on the top of your printed page.

Footer: The Footer option places all the contents of your document at the bottom of your page. So, you can add page numbers other contents in the footer.

Clip Art: The Clip Art option let you insert drawing, stock photography, movies and much more in your documents. So, this is one of the best designing tools for ms word which is useful.

Insert Chart: It is the best option via which you can insert charts to illustrate data. Different types of charts are available in this option such as Bar, Line, Pie, Area, Surface, etc. So, this is really helpful for official purposes.

WordArt: You can easily enter decorative text in your documents by going to this WordArt option. There are multiple styles of Word that you can select according to your choice. So, this will really make your title or heading of the documents more beautiful and eye catching.

Watermark: Using this option you can insert ghost text behind the contents of your document. This will make your document look more complex and genuine. This can be used in urgent and confidential documents especially for getting high preferences.

Page Border: The Page Border let you adjust the width, length and customize the colors as well. You will able to add border or template to your entire documents.

MS Word offers you numerous decorative options through which you can make your project or office documents look professional. Thus, you can design your documents using the above discussed MS Word design beautifully.

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